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WUSC FM & HD1 Columbia is an all student-run, non-commercial radio station at the University of South Carolina. We have been around since 1946. Currently we boast a 24/7 schedule that broadcasts at 2500 watts. When you tune into WUSC you will hear music and programming you cannot find anywhere else. We are free-format, Non-Top 40, and provide many specialty programs as well. Each semester there is something new. WUSC is an incredible seismic force for independent music and creativity in our own community.

At WUSC, our mission statement is to educate the listener and the DJ. WUSC educates by being Columbia’s only source for diverse and unique programming. WUSC also provides the Carolina Community with information regarding both student life and community events. DJs are provided the technical experience of running a radio station.

Meet the staff & DJs

Executive Staff

Amanda Petty DJ Greened Out / Member at Large
Brandon Jolley Brandon Jolley / Music Director
CJ Rosenberger DJ CeeJ / Blog Assistant
Daphne Franklin DJ Daph / Associate Director of Social Media
Evie Ellis DJ Ivy / Station Manager
Issac Czerniawsky DJ LISA FRANKENSTEIN / Treasurer
Izzie Rushton DJ Iz / Associate Director of Training
Lily Eppes DJ Hart Eyez / Blog Editor
Lily Ferguson DJ Luce / Engagement Director
Nathaniel Nguyen DJ Deep Friar / Web Developer
Rachael Lanning DJ Ray / Program Director
Ronnie Rahenkamp DJ Solitaire / PSA Director
Sarah Craft Sarah / Director of News
Shaye Thoroughman Shaye / Associate Director of DEI
Vivek Crowe V Zesty / Associate Director of Connection
Zane Heinlein DJ Mercury / Secretary


Alex McInnis DJ SickBeats
Andrew Hardin The Barista
Andy Beck DJ Pupper
Not actually a photo of Anisa Bhatt dj rogue
Anna Bishop DJ Bish
Not actually a photo of Arden Riley olive Arden
Not actually a photo of Brooke McDermott DJ Ginger May Jones
Cam Osterholt DJ Oatmeal
Not actually a photo of Carolyn Harper Luna Eclipse
Cathy Levy DJ Anyways
Charlotte Rice DJ Charlotte / Member at Large
David Wood DJ D
Not actually a photo of Dillon Seiler DJ Cellophane
Ebony Robinson Ebony Dionne
Not actually a photo of Eddie Hagigh DJ Eddie
Not actually a photo of Ella DuBard Frances 4Ever
Not actually a photo of Erin Slack Kodak Slack
Not actually a photo of J'Lyn Williams DJ Trov
Not actually a photo of Johanna Stone DJ Cicada
JP Barry JPSports
JP Patella DJ JP
Maddie Zediker Dj Angel Hair
Not actually a photo of Morgan Maddox dj mad aux
Nate Terracio The Director
Nikhil Vaishnav Hungry Nikhil
Peyton Quathamar DJ Montoya / Member at Large
Rick Wrigley Rick Wrigley
Not actually a photo of Sam Boyt dj dino
Not actually a photo of Savannah Pender DJ S. Kat
Not actually a photo of Stig Rasmussen Ampersand
Sun Heslin DJ Sunshine
Not actually a photo of Thomas Hughes Tomas del Camino Real
Not actually a photo of Tim Dunlap SlimTim
Todd Money DJ Dinero
Trevor Crocker DJ Grilt Cheez
Not actually a photo of Zoe Shive Beetle Z


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Pending Applications

WUSC-FM has no pending FCC applications.

Today's Lineup

12-1am Radium Girls
1-2am The Wind Up
2-5am On Air
5-7am DJ HighTop's Corner Shop
7-8am the morning beat
8-9am Rootbeer Forlorn
9-10am It's Not That Serious
10-11am Jams and Jellies
11am-12pm Manta's Millions
12-1pm Rider on the Storm
1-2pm Lake Placid
2-3pm here comes jiboom
3-4pm Retrograde
4-5pm Subterranean Radio Tunes
5-6pm Not Luce & Ivy
6-7pm Waiting Room
7-8pm Hard Drive
8-9pm Indigo Hour
9-10pm Chasing Waves
10-11pm Blue Light Café
11pm-12am Vostok Programme
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