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Vivek Crowe

V Zesty / Associate Director of Connection

I am DJ V Zesty and I love radio and television broadcasting. I have been editing and on-camera involved in broadcast journalism since my childhood. For fun I play the guitar and bass and was in a couple bands back in the day. I love being able to exercise my creative side and WUSC helps me out with that. Stay Zesty


WUSC Celebrates Holi

Holi is a popular and significant Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. It Is known as the festival of colors as it is customary to celebrate by throwing colored powder at friends and family. Holi usually takes place in March and this year takes ...

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Today's Lineup

12-6am On Air
6-8am The Labyrinth
8-9am The Glass Box
9-10am Metaphorical Happening
10-11am Totally Cool Tracks
11am-12pm My Chemical Rave
12-1pm Chasing Waves
1-2pm Running On Empty
2-3pm 90 Seconds to Midnight
3-4pm CaroLine-Up
4-5pm the garden
5-6pm Blue Light Café
6-7pm Paint It Red
7-8pm The Burner
8-10pm Low Orbit Ion Cannon
10pm-12am The NightMix
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