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WUSC Celebrates Holi

Holi is a popular and significant Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. It Is known as the festival of colors as it is customary to celebrate by throwing colored powder at friends and family. Holi usually takes place in March and this year takes place in India on March 8, 2023. During the festival people gather together to dance, sing, celebrate, and throw colors. Entire streets of towns in India are colored as people spread colors and throw them in the air to celebrate.

There are many different accounts of how the Holi festival originated. Tales of deities like Shiva and Krishna are prevalent through the history and significance of Holi. The festival of Holi derives its name from Holika, a deity who is worshiped during the festival by many. Bonfires and offerings are made to celebrate her during the festival of color, these bonfires symbolize the destruction of evil. There are many more traditional or modern ways to celebrate the festival. Traditional celebrations take place in Indian cities and towns where people have food, drinks, musicians, bonfires, and dancing. Usually, the more modern Holi party is thrown in an open space near a Hindu Temple, or in a field where people dance and sing to music and throw colors everywhere. Me and my family always celebrate by going to an outdoor Holi party and sometimes we run into old friends and celebrate with them.

Holi is one of my favorite holidays because I love ringing in the springtime with the bright colors, great music, dancing, and fun! Holi is a very fun holiday, and anyone can join in and throw colors while celebrating the arrival of spring.

Vivek poses with his family at a Holi festival in 2019

Vivek Crowe

I am DJ V Zesty and I love radio and television broadcasting. I have been editing and on-camera involved in broadcast journalism since my childhood. For fun I play the guitar and bass and was in a couple bands back in the day. I love being able to exercise my creative side and WUSC helps me out with that. Stay Zesty

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