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Sully Lant

DJ Punky

I'm DJ Punky, the one and only host of It's Just A Phase, your teen music specialty show. I'm not a teen anymore, but I'm a little emo who never quite grew up. I'm also the Station Manager here at WUSC for the 2022-2023 term, so if you ever want to meet me, I'll be at our events! I'm a record collector, ironic dresser, industrial music lover, emo enthusiast, converse collector, piercing fanatic, and of course, a DJ! It's Just A Phase features music that's the stuff you know your parents wouldn't listen to. I've always loved weird music, the kind of stuff that mostly teenagers listen to and think they're edgy and unique for. My show is made up of music that, in some way, is about or essential to teens. If it inspired a teen movement, like glam metal, I'll play it. If it's a stereotypically teen sound, like pop punk, I'll play it. If it's something super weird and out there and I'm the only listener on Spotify, I'll play it. If it's emo, I'll definitely play it. My classic line when someone asks me to describe my show is "Imagine you walk into a teenager's bedroom and ask what they're listening to. If they'd tell you that you wouldn't understand, that's what I'll play." So if you're here for the weird, wacky, and wonderful, listen to It's Just A Phase.


Playlist: We're Gonna Die In The Summer

An hour of emo for your summer listening, curated for you by DJ Punky Be My End by Creeper “Our last night on earth could be so cute” Creeper is and will forever be to me the legends of the UK emo scene. This song, like their others, is a showcase of vocal talent and catchy guitar. Lyrical ...


DJ Punky's Today in Music History

DJ Punky enlightened listeners this semester by sharing some insane moments from music history. From Justin Bieber's unlikely arrest to a big state of confusion for Alice Cooper, DJ Punky shares her takes on some of music history's biggest moments. Check out a look back at some of those takes below! March ...


The Truth About Streaming.

I’d like to talk to you today about where your money really goes when you pay for a music streaming service. It probably seems like everyone you know uses Spotify. It isn’t even just a music streaming service, it’s kind of a social media platform as well. You can follow your friends and watch ...

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12-6am On Air
6-8am The Labyrinth
8-9am The Glass Box
9-10am Metaphorical Happening
10-11am Totally Cool Tracks
11am-12pm My Chemical Rave
12-1pm Chasing Waves
1-2pm Running On Empty
2-3pm 90 Seconds to Midnight
3-4pm CaroLine-Up
4-5pm the garden
5-6pm Blue Light Café
6-7pm Paint It Red
7-8pm The Burner
8-10pm Low Orbit Ion Cannon
10pm-12am The NightMix
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