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Laura Rohrer

DJ Bear

The Rizziest Women in Music Right Now

In honor of Women’s History Month and everything that is femme, here is a showcase of some current favorite artists to highlight feminine power and brilliance. We’ve got names, genres and rizz factor, plus a pretty good playlist, too.  Happy Women Rule Month.  KINNERETVienna Sunday Night ...


Playlist: Being & Colors with DJ Bear

So, I’ve had this idea recently. Themed sets with playlists that make you feel things.I want to feel colors.It’s like that scene in Ratatouille, when Remy is trying to teach his brother about food and he’s giving his brother things to try and asking him how they make him feel. When Remy bites ...


Artist Spotlight: Bear Ley

Previous Long Islander and lifelong musician Louis Rubino has been playing instruments and writing music since he was five years old. He’s a jack of all trades (later in this article: the million things he is studying) and can play piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, various wind instruments and drums. ...


Vinylthon 2020: Vinyl Initiation with DJ Bear

My vinyl story has two parts- it starts with my mom’s love of it before she had me, and continues when I reintroduced it into our family around five years ago. So, many, many years ago, my mom invested in a sweet turntable and speaker set-up. This bad boy, let’s call him Bertie, is old enough now ...

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