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Playlist: Being & Colors with DJ Bear


So, I’ve had this idea recently. Themed sets with playlists that make you feel things.

I want to feel colors.

It’s like that scene in Ratatouille, when Remy is trying to teach his brother about food and he’s giving his brother things to try and asking him how they make him feel. When Remy bites into these foods, music that somehow sounds just like cheese starts to play, and colors burst across the screen. The artists did a really rad job of pairing these flavors with their own music and color. It’s easily one of the most underrated scenes in the movie. That’s what I want to do, though not on such an extremely brilliant level.

So here’s my playlist of more obvious colors: either the artist or the song features a color. Each song is also really fun and I had a great time discovering new artists this way. I hope you enjoy, xoxo DJ Bear

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