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WUSC Valentine's Day Playlists

WUSC DJs come together to bring you different musical takes on the holiday.

Gabby Ziegler - hot pink&valentine red

When it feels like spring and the world sounds like the opening horns to ‘Rags to Riches’ by Tony Bennett. This playlist is a culmination of songs that I think showcase how selfless and pure love can be, dating from the late 1930s to now. A small variety of genres ranging from afrobeat to doo-wop. The title comes from a Denzel Curry song I really love about accepting and working through hardship to find happiness again.

MC Kiser / DJ Bean - valentine's day w harry styles

Everyone always goes on and on about having a significant other. If you don't have one, why not romanticize having a relationship with a celebrity? Listen to this playlist and imagine yourself spending valentine's day with Harry Styles :))) <333

Sully Lant / DJ Punky - The Cutest Couple in the Halls of Hell

Not everyone has to be happy on Valentine's Day. These emo bands sure aren't.

Emily Okon / DJ Amaryllis - Making Life a Rom-Com

For when you want to feel like you're living inside a romantic comedy.

Laura Rohrer / DJ Bear - how it feels to fall

This 99 song playlist is all about intensity and intentionality. Each song feels like a moment in time when I loved someone, or how it felt to fall in love. It’s hectic — but so are relationships. I hope you find a song that speaks to your heart.

Isaac C / DJ Lisa Frankenstein - datemedatemedateme!

old favorites, new favorites, bad covers, sappy and ridiculous, generally nonsensical: all things you have come to expect from me: and all things you can enjoy in this playlist! these are grouped by no other commonality than that I really, really like them all. spin these tracks and cut up the dance floor with any personage of your choosing, but remember to brace yourself for a little whiplash.

Anna Bishop / DJ Bish - love songs from the record bin

These are love songs that sound a little old. Like they're from the LPs in the little cabinet underneath your grandma's record player. Like they're from the CDs littering the center console of your mom's 2002 Volkswagen Passat. Like they're from an old cassette tape you found in the discount bin at Papa Jazz. These are love songs not from today, but they still hold true to a timeless version of how you want love to be. After all, love is patient, kind, and knows no time or genre.

Alex McInnis - Jam Band Got Us Fallin' In Love Again

As one of the resident jam band connoisseurs here at WUSC, I couldn’t help but create a playlist filled with some of my favorite love songs and slow jams from some of my favorite jam bands!! From the Grateful Dead to Goose, Jam Band Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again contains a little bit of every kind of love in some kind of way. The passion and love that these artists display is fierce and powerful. They all know how to groove and all of them show it by melting your face off one way or another!!

Recommended tracks (in order of appearance):

4, 8, 10, 14, 15, 17, 20, 21, 28, 30 and 41.

Alex M & MC K - The Swingin' 60's and Me Decade Love Bomb

carefully crafted 60/70s valentine’s day bangers playlist made by two of the  (truly) the coolest djs @ WUSC (truly) - DJ SickBeats and DJ Beans <3

Sully Lant

I'm DJ Punky, the one and only host of It's Just A Phase, your teen music specialty show. I'm not a teen anymore, but I'm a little emo who never quite grew up. I'm also the Station Manager here at WUSC for the 2022-2023 term, so if you ever want to meet me, I'll be at our events! I'm a record collector, ironic dresser, industrial music lover, emo enthusiast, converse collector, piercing fanatic, and of course, a DJ! It's Just A Phase features music that's the stuff you know your parents wouldn't listen to. I've always loved weird music, the kind of stuff that mostly teenagers listen to and think they're edgy and unique for. My show is made up of music that, in some way, is about or essential to teens. If it inspired a teen movement, like glam metal, I'll play it. If it's a stereotypically teen sound, like pop punk, I'll play it. If it's something super weird and out there and I'm the only listener on Spotify, I'll play it. If it's emo, I'll definitely play it. My classic line when someone asks me to describe my show is "Imagine you walk into a teenager's bedroom and ask what they're listening to. If they'd tell you that you wouldn't understand, that's what I'll play." So if you're here for the weird, wacky, and wonderful, listen to It's Just A Phase.

Emily Okon

Cheap Eyeliner is an indie alternative show that typically focuses on rock/metal music with themes every week! I typically focus on females in the music industry and we discuss mental health initiatives on the show frequently. Tune in to hear me ramble and mispronounce various words that I really shouldn't be mispronouncing!

MC Kiser

The magic school bus is a fun laid back show with good tunes! I am DJ Canyon Moon and I am an art education major! In my free time I love spending time with my friends and dog, pippa! Doing art and of course keeping up to date with everything Harry Styles.

Alex McInnis

I'm the self-titled Resident Jam Band Junkie at WUSC. I also host Metal Lord's Rave Room 7-8 PM on Thursdays and Certified Tie Dye Jams when I cover for other DJs. I play everything from electronic to power metal and doom metal on my shows, and all the jammy vibes if you're lucky enough to catch me on air when I sub in!!

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