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The Rizziest Women in Music Right Now

In honor of Women’s History Month and everything that is femme, here is a showcase of some current favorite artists to highlight feminine power and brilliance. We’ve got names, genres and rizz factor, plus a pretty good playlist, too. 

Happy Women Rule Month. 


Vienna Sunday Night - Kinneret

If you like funky hip-hop and experimental music, Kinneret is for you, darling. She blew up on TikTok (honestly I’m finding the best music there) and has been steadily gaining fame the last few years. She just released her newest single, “Vienna Sunday Night,” on February 22, 2023, and it’s fire. Some fun facts: she paints a lot of her own album covers, her name is Hebraic for harp, and Judaism is a big part of her life and music (according to this interview with Hey Alma).

Rizz Factor: 10/10 


Give Me A Minute - Lizzie McAlpine

I want it on the record that I’ve been listening to Lizzy McAlpine way before “ceilings” blew up on TikTok. Since “Pancakes for Dinner.” She’s a gem and I’m so excited she’s blowing up (and will freak out if she becomes top 40). We love indie music and that is what she delivers with skill and grace. 

Rizz Factor: 11/10 


Solar Flare/Hide from the Rain - Paisley and the Birdwalkers

I will always be singing the praises of this local band. They’re fiery, stylish, and hot and their folk-pop type-beat never disappoints. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen them perform, but what I can remember – each performance was gorgeous and freeing. The relationships they have with each other are energetic, playful and contagious and you’ll be singing or dancing to every song. They’re a group that easily commands the room’s attention and damn if that isn't a hot girl thing to do. 

Rizz Factor: 18/10 


brrr - Kim Petras

Kim Petras is a trans singer who blew up recently for her collaboration with Sam Smith on the song “Unholy,” which slayed left and right on TikTok. She’s been making her own (absolutely hot) pop music for years and just released a new single, “brrr” January 2023. I feel like she’d appreciate this rizz rating. 

Rizz Factor:  69/10


Natural Brown Prom Queen - Sudan Archives

The ultimate powerhouse that is Brittney Denise Parks, also known by her stage name Sudan Archives, is a violinist, singer, songwriter and producer. Her music is R&B soul beauty with a dash of electro experimentalism. Her latest release was “Natural Brown Prom Queen,” which was launched into the world September 2022. Fun facts: she taught herself to play the violin by ear, her music is inspired by Sudanese fiddlers, and she studied music technology in L.A. (as seen through her folk-electro violin work).

Rizz Factor: 10/10


For What It's Worth - Stevie Nicks

What list would be complete without this absolute goddess? This rock vocalist, well known for her work in both Fleetwood Mac and on her own, is one of my biggest musical heroes. She’s the embodiment of feminine power and fighting the man (and looking so good while doing it).  

Rizz Factor: 17/10


A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez & The Scene

We stan Selena. We always have and always will. The queen that she is, she’s out here singing, acting, producing, building a makeup empire and still maintaining her kindness through it all. Her music has been with me since I was little (I mean we’ve got “A Year Without Rain” and “Naturally” still standing the test of time) and continues to be art. 

Rizz Factor: 999/10


Hold The Girl - Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama’s music is very much R&B and electro-pop. She’s a dope, queer queen who has killer performance energy. Want to catch some Rina? One of our DJs did a concert takeover at a concert of hers, which you can find on the WUSC Instagram. 

Fun fact: she went to Cambridge for politics, psychology and sociology. 

Rizz Factor: 11/10

If you made it here, thanks for reading all my little rants. I just want to note that all these rizz levels are arbitrary and all these ladies are obviously off the charts in that area. Duh. 

Check out this playlist for more fiery femme force – and remember, trans women are women too. 

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