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Ethan Nikolaus

DJ Bloom

I’m DJ Bloom, a mechanical engineering major with a short attention span and an infatuation with the abstract and the absurd, as well as a soft spot for dream and indie pop. On my show, Shifting Gears, I focus on creating unique juxtapositions connecting every possible genre in just an hour. Tune in to hear me rant about whatever obscure albums I’m obsessed with this week.

DJ Bloom’s Anticipated Albums of 2024.png

DJ Bloom’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2024

In 2023, I listened to more albums than I ever have (the total reaching about 180 new releases) and in 2024 I plan to surpass that number. With that being said, I have been scouring release schedules and staying up to date with artist announcements and have compiled my list of the albums that I am most ...

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12-1am The Kitchen Sink
1-2am The Ratsnest
2-6am On Air
6-7am On the Bench
7-8am snake pit
8-9am The Soup Aisle
9-10am The Savage Patch
10am-12pm The Backbeat Show
12-1pm The Existential Hour
1-2pm feminine energy
2-3pm unlimited breadHits
3-4pm Donated Neurotica
4-5pm The Cookbook
5-6pm Dumb Blonde Radio
6-8pm Rustic Radio
8-9pm thank ur lucky stars
9-10pm Ace in the Flame
10-11pm Chambre de Musique
11pm-12am Cooking with DJ KAYSC3A and FUFFYWIZ
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