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Freddie Amos

DJ Mouse Trap

Hi everyone! My name is Freddie, and I'm a sophomore here at WUSC! I'm majoring in Biochemistry (hard science-y stuff), but I really enjoy engaging in my creative outlets whenever I can!

Cringe Culture is Dead - 1

Cringe Culture is Dead: And This Song Dances on Its Grave

About two years ago, someone in a Discord server I was in shared a song. It had Fluttershy, a main character from the hit 2010s TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The pony was wearing a Gir hoodie and smugly looking at the viewer while she typed -- or, smashed her hooves-- away on her ...

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5-7am DJ HighTop's Corner Shop
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2-3pm here comes jiboom
3-4pm Retrograde
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