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Anna Gallaway


Howdy, I’m Oiseau! You pronounce Oiseau like wah-zoh! Oiseau means bird in French, and Nighthawks is a painting and also my radio show. In an ideal world, we have fun and chill times. In the real world, we have fun and chill times, but we also occasionally go a little insane from life’s inevitable longing and melancholy. If this is a surprise, you should go to the Art Institute of Chicago and stand in front of Nighthawks for a little while; perhaps then you’ll understand. Also I talk about birds, because my greatest goal in life is to be a bird. Music happens also.

Today's Lineup

12-1am bedroom boredom
1-3am Senses Working Overtime
3-6am On Air
6-7am A New Region of the World
7-9am The Blue Note
9-10am Mandi's Melomanic Adventure
10am-12pm Holla If Ya Hear Me
12-2pm The Psychedelic Ripple Effect
2-3pm Rocks for Jocks
3-4pm Totally Cool Tracks
4-6pm Los Pollos Hermanos
6-8pm One More Saturday Night
8-10pm Dark Entries: Goth Radio
10-11pm Into the Saucepan
11pm-12am Nighthawks
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