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Maddie Zediker

Dj Angel Hair / Associate Director of Training

Hey! We’re DJ Angel Hair and DJ Daus. We play a whole mix of music from EDM, to pop punk, to covers, to anime openers, and everything in between! Fun facts about us: DJ Angel Hair has won 5sos concert tickets on the radio twice now and DJ Daus lived in Guatemala for 2 years! We have been with the station for 3 years now and DJ Angel Hair actually serves as our training director, so reach out to us if you’re interested in joining! Follow us on Instagram @mychemicalrave


10 Reasons to Join WUSC

Hey! I'm Maddie, the training director for WUSC. As training director, I get to work with baby DJs to help them become incredible college radio DJs. That could be you! Here are my top 10 reasons why you should join WUSC:


Interview: Alex Melton!

DJ Angel Hair & DJ malpratice sat down with local musician Alex Melton ahead of his appearance at New Brookland Tavern's emo night! Together they cover his fame on Tik-Tok as a mashup artist, a ten-year career in musical experimentation, creative processes, his cats Mochi and Bagel, the draw of ...


My Chemical Rave's Biggest Hits with DJ Angel Hair

Enjoying the dead week between Christmas and New Year's Day? Getting bored yet? Need something to break up the monotony? Worry not, because DJ Angel Hair's got you. Check out this Spotify playlist of some of her favorite stuff from she and DJ Daus's show, My Chemical Rave. Enjoy the jams, give 'em ...

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