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Lauren Poupore

dj malpractice

Dont worry 'bout a thing is a specialty show named after the stevie wonder song 'dont you worry 'bout a thing'. the show features spanish and indie music

Sad Girls Night Out - 1

Rebounder : Uncrusted

"How would you describe your music in three words?" - Evie"Frolicking Sunset Skyline" - Rebounder´╗┐ If you're a music enthusiast, you know that some of the best gems are often found through chance encounters at WUSC. That's precisely what we experienced when we were given the opportunity to chat ...


Interview: Alex Melton!

DJ Angel Hair & DJ malpratice sat down with local musician Alex Melton ahead of his appearance at New Brookland Tavern's emo night! Together they cover his fame on Tik-Tok as a mashup artist, a ten-year career in musical experimentation, creative processes, his cats Mochi and Bagel, the draw of ...

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2-3pm unlimited breadHits
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4-5pm The Cookbook
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6-8pm Rustic Radio
8-9pm thank ur lucky stars
9-10pm Ace in the Flame
10-11pm Chambre de Musique
11pm-12am Cooking with DJ KAYSC3A and FUFFYWIZ
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