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Rebounder : Uncrusted

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"How would you describe your music in three words?" - Evie

"Frolicking Sunset Skyline" - Rebounder

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If you're a music enthusiast, you know that some of the best gems are often found through chance encounters at WUSC. That's precisely what we experienced when we were given the opportunity to chat with Rebounder, a captivating indie rock band hailing from the heart of New York City. Rebounder, comprised of Dylan and Noah Chenfeld, Cobey Arner, and Zack Kantor, has been making waves in the indie music scene. They've toured with some big names, recently collaborating with Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood. But what's most intriguing is their unique journey, which took them from the bustling streets of NYC to the tour bus, landing them at New Brookland Tavern this past Tuesday. Our station manager, Evie Ellis, and 3-year DJ, Lauren Poupore, had the chance to chat with them, and the conversation was as charming as their music. The following blurbs are summaries from that conversation.

The Journey to Rebounder:

Rebounder’s story begins in early childhood. When asked about their origins, Dylan Chenfeld remarks,“me and Zack went to preschool together, and me and Noah are twin brothers.We were really close friends. So, you could say, we had been doing this for a while together - in it together. In various different ways, we've all been playing music together for a long time”. Rebounder's story solidifies with a chance encounter at a party in Manhattan: “our friend Chris had just released a photo book, and we all found ourselves at the same event”. There they met Cobey Arner, and Chris suggested they start a band. That's when the magic began. The camaraderie and creativity within the group were palpable during our chat, showcasing how genuine friendships can evolve into musical innovation.

On the Road:

Rebounder's tour experiences are like none other. They've been touring tirelessly, traversing North America and bringing their brand of music to new audiences. Their current tour, which brought them to us here at WUSC, is packed with exciting new destinations across Texas and the Southeast. Touring has not only been about performing but also about bonding through the ups and downs of life on the road. Their candid talk about the "trauma bonding" that occurred after an unfortunate robbery in Houston emphasized the reality of life as a touring band.

Musical Evolution:

As a band, Rebounder has evolved immensely since their early days, which Dylan humorously refers to as "tremendous amounts of practice that unfortunately occurred in public". The dynamic of their music has shifted over time, showcasing their growth as artists. From Dylan's catchy lyrics to their collective energy on stage, Rebounder offers a unique blend of "mid-tempo indie rock" that resonates with their audience.

Rebounder's Sound in Three Words:

When asked to describe their music in three words, Rebounder’s answers perfectly encapsulate the essence of their sound. "Frolicking Sunset Skyline" evokes a sense of nostalgia, adventure, and serenity that mirrors the multifaceted experience of listening to their music. Jokingly, Zack added, “Uncrustables Are Dope”, referencing the strawberry jelly Uncrustable sandwich he had consumed moments prior. During the show, they auctioned off a fully signed uncrustable sandwich (sealed). We hope they signed, sealed, and delivered on their promise, and a lucky fan received the delicious treat. We can only imagine it was worth every cent, because as you know, it was a novelty item unmatchable, yet Uncrustable.

Closing Thoughts:

The journey from New York City to the international stage is a testament to the enduring power of music and friendship. Their infectious enthusiasm, combined with their genre-bending indie rock sound, has won them a dedicated fanbase and a reputation that continues to grow. As Rebounder continues to rise, we can't wait to see where their musical journey takes them next. If you haven't already, be sure to check out their music and catch them live if they're in your town. You won't want to miss this band on the rise.

Evie Ellis

Evie Ellis is a junior computer science major with a minor in mathematics. She is from Nashville, Tennessee, and loves sudoku, hikes, friendship bracelets, and dogs! Since the beginning of college, Evie has hosted a show with Lily Ferguson, called Not Luce & Ivy. The content changes each semester, but she and Lily originally bonded over their love for Car Seat Headrest and Radiator Hospital. Last year, she served as the Program Director, and she is so excited to be the Station Manager this year!

Lauren Poupore

Dont worry 'bout a thing is a specialty show named after the stevie wonder song 'dont you worry 'bout a thing'. the show features spanish and indie music

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