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10 Reasons to Join WUSC

By Maddie Zediker // DJ Angel Hair

Hey! I'm Maddie, the training director for WUSC. As training director, I get to work with baby DJs to help them become incredible college radio DJs. That could be you! Here are my top 10 reasons why you should join WUSC:

1. Because you love music.

Duh, everyone loves music. Through WUSC, you can discover thousands of new artists and bands in our music library, with CDs and vinyl from the 1940's until now!

2. Because you want to be unique.

Here at WUSC we play only non-top 40 music which sets us apart from basically every other college radio station, let alone any radio station!

3. Because you want friends.

Let's be real, making friends in college is hard (I struggled with this freshman year), but here at WUSC we have tons of fun events, concerts, and meetings where you can meet and vibe with other DJs!

4. Because you want career experience.

Many of our alumni DJs, especially Rick Wrigley, can attest that joining WUSC has given them experience and connections that turned into a career in radio, media, or any other type of journalism!

5. Because you love to write.

If you like writing about music as much as you like talking about it, WUSC is the place for you. We have our very own blog where we interview artists, share playlists, and review albums. You can have your work published on our website where it will reside for forever and ever!

6. Because you need an escape from school.

I'm in pharmacy school which means classes for up to 7 hours a day :'( so I understand having a busy schedule. Having my show is the best part of my week because it is just 2 hours of listening to music and talking to listeners.

7. Because you want your very own fan club.

Want to feel like a celebrity? Ask DJ Olive Arden how many times she has been recognized in public just because of her show. You truly make memorable connections with members of the Columbia community with WUSC.

8. Because you want a job!

Although DJs do not get paid, there are many internship/job opportunities within Garnet Media Group that we are encouraged to apply to!

9. Because you are interested in local, state, and national news.

We have a biweekly news show that is pre-made and run during every show two days a week! We work closely with The Daily Gamecock and Garnet & Black to develop our stories, so if you are already in one of these groups, you can join us and help bridge these two organizations!

10. Because you are interested in joining the music industry.

A ton of our members and alumni are/have gone into a career in concert planning, artist management, venue management, etc. Through our Public Affairs office, you can gain extremely valuable career experience that is very hard to gain otherwise!

We would love to have you join WUSC and if you are interested, head to our tab that says "Staff", and click on "Apply to be a DJ!" or email me at! I'm very excited to meet and hopefully train all of you!

Maddie Zediker

Hey! We’re DJ Angel Hair and DJ Daus. We play a whole mix of music from EDM, to pop punk, to covers, to anime openers, and everything in between! Fun facts about us: DJ Angel Hair has won 5sos concert tickets on the radio twice now and DJ Daus lived in Guatemala for 2 years! We have been with the station for 3 years now and DJ Angel Hair actually serves as our training director, so reach out to us if you’re interested in joining! Follow us on Instagram @mychemicalrave

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