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Album Review: The New Abnormal by The Strokes

By Sebastian Lee // Sebass Seven years after the disappointing release of their last full-length album, Comedown Machine, the Strokes have released a new album, The New Abnormal, which is an incredibly different and interesting release for the band. Before the release of this album, I was personally ...


March Release Roundup

Ordered from best to worst Kiss My Super Bowl Ring - The Garden [Art Punk, Experimental Rock] Easily the most chaotic album of the year, The Garden absolutely killed it with this one. It’s such a beautiful blend of anxiety and aggression and sadness that all comes together so perfectly. The way the ...


Discovering New Music with DJ Sam Sam

By Samira Nematollahi // DJ Sam Sam If you are like me, then you have been spending this time at home trying to find new music. I go through phases of listening to the same album for weekson end until I find another one that I replace it with. Now, however, I have been trying to be more intentional ...


Playlist: Suspended in Sound

By Nick Gerace This playlist is a collection of chilled-out bass music tracks for relaxation and meditation. My overall goal for this playlist was to imitate that trippy, “lost-in-the-sauce” feeling that ambient music creates, but with bass music. The mesmerizing effect that kind of music has is ...


Okeechobee Music Festival Recap

By Flynn Snyder Despite ongoing concerns surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival delivered an unforgettable, action-packed experience to attendees earlier this month. Over the course of four days, festivalgoers immersed themselves into the self-dubbed “portal” ...


February Release Round-Up

Ordered from best to worst 2017-2019 - Against All Logic [Tech House] This whole album is an ear-massage. It’s so unbelievably enjoyable and surreal and unlike anything else I’ve ever heard.  It feels like the instrumentals are screaming at me and I love it. This replaced Poppy for my favorite ...


Concert Review: WUSC Girls Block Warmup

As I walk in White Mule for WUSC’s Girls Block Warmup Concert, melodic vocals and accompanying guitar fill the bar. The White Mule, a small live music venue in Five Points, is so packed there are people standing around the seating area. Finding a spot off to the side, I settle in to listen to Cassidy ...


Concert Review: Wallows

The line for The Underground in Charlotte was snaked around the block on February 21st, as hundreds of indie kids dressed to the T in their turtlenecks and beanies waited in line to see the Wallows perform their sold out show. If you’re not familiar with the Wallows, they’re an indie-rock band ...

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5-7am DJ HighTop's Corner Shop
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1-2pm Lake Placid
2-3pm here comes jiboom
3-4pm Retrograde
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5-6pm Not Luce & Ivy
6-7pm Waiting Room
7-8pm Hard Drive
8-9pm Indigo Hour
9-10pm Chasing Waves
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11pm-12am Vostok Programme
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