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Bel Shields

Dj Placebo

I am DJ Placebo, a great DJ with a Bad Radio Show <3 I conduct interviews with artists, professors, and the occasional social media star


Interview: Darius Rucker!

Ahead of his performance here in Columbia to celebrate the women's basketball national title, DJ Placebo sat down with the Charleston-based country star Darius Rucker for an interview! Together they talk about life in Columbia in the '80s, meeting his guardian angel, spinning records with Mark Bryan ...


101 w/ DJ Placebo: Linguistics Professor Dr. Stan!

In this edition of 101 DJ Placebo sits down with Dr. Stan to learn more linguistics. They cover everything from the basics of language to writing textbooks about sandwiches and everything in between! Check it out below! Check out one of DJ ...


Interview: Hip Hop Legend FatRat Da Czar!

He's been called the cornerstone of South Carolina hip hop and has been on the Cola music scene since the 90s. In this interview, DJ Placebo sits down with Fatrat Da Czar to talk about his career, the growth of Columbia's music culture, and even getting to open for legends like Biggie and Lauryn ...


Interview: Brittany Broski!

In this interview, DJ Placebo and Stephen Pastis sit down with Brittany Broski to discuss attachment styles, the SEC lifestyle, and the weirdness of having almost 7 million people consider you their bestie. Feature image by Julian Buchan. ...


Chappell Roan's New Single "Naked In Manhattan"

It’s finally here! If you are anything like me, you’ve been excitedly waiting for Chappell Roan her latest pop banger, "Naked in Manhattan." The song perfectly captures what it can be like to be a young queer woman experiencing a romantic relationship for the first time. This song is the ...


101 w/ DJ Placebo: Dustin Sigsbee!

In this edition of 101, DJ Placebo sits down with philosophy graduate student Dustin Sigsbee to ask some of philosophy's deepest questions. Also, she learns to never ask a graduate student about his dissertation. Check out the video below for more! Check ...


Interview: Chappell Roan!

Getting kicked out of clubs, hating California while simultaneously writing love songs about it, these topics and more are tackled in this wild new interview with Chappell Roan. Click below to learn the rest, and listen to "Pink Pony Club" now here! Cover photo ...

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