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Concert Review: WUSC Winter Concert

By Rachel Minetti // DJ BREAD

A weeknight concert can be the thing you need to get you through the week, a break from the day’s routine and and respite from five days of sitting through rush hour traffic. People filed into Curiosity Coffee Bar Wednesday night for WUSC’s first show of the new decade. Friends sipped espresso and snacked on Sonic corndogs (the best in the game) throughout the evening, swaying and bopping their heads to the music as the night wore on. 


Lleau kicked things off with a mellow, acoustic set, accompanied by smooth bass lines and the occasional drum track. Frontman Noah Ballou created an ethereal atmosphere with soft, dream pop-rock tracks that filled the coffee shop with warmth. Gabe Crawford supported the set on the bass, adding depth and building rhythm to the already dreamy and relaxed music pumping through the room. 


Rex Darling, another Columbia band, took the stage at around 9:15, bringing with them jazzy vocals and subtly cryptic indie folk to the scene. With Catherine Hunsinger on vocals, Crawford on bass, and John Vail on guitar, the trio melded their sounds together beautifully. Their set reached its peak during their cover of Brandi Carlile’s masterpiece, “The Joke.” A classically trained vocalist, Hunsinger brought her best that night, the room silent as she did justice to the song.

Overall, the winter concert at Curiosity was one for the books and anyone in attendance can attest to that. We’re looking forward to what the rest of this semester will bring for WUSC and we hope you are too. 

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