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Concert Review: Space Jesus

By Nick Gerace

On Wednesday, Space Jesus brought his Moon Dot Landing tour to Columbia. Touching down at the Senate, following the unfortunate closing of Greenville’s the Firmament, the Moon Dot crew brought some serious firepower with them to make for an electrifying night of music. Equipped with a large, oval LED screen and plenty of lights and lasers run by Tyler Ellis (aka singingwithlights), the stage was set for some of bass music’s best.


Support from the show included Onhell, Tiedye Ky, and Tsuruda, a lineup worthy of its own show. Onhell, a California bass music producer, has been making ripples in the community for a while now. If you’ve been to an electronic festival recently, you’ve probably heard his remix of “Rake It Up” by Yo Gotti. The energy he brought to the show was a perfect set-up and great way to kick it off. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Tiedye Ky, its time you did. His music masterfully mixes colorful future sounds with trap and downtempo beat patterns, as well as wavy bass. Topped off with his own vocals, his sets are uniquely captivating, and a refreshing experience. Last but certainly not least was Tsuruda, an experimental bass producer who’s been making a name for himself with dark and hard hitting take on the genre. His craft combines the LA beat-making scene with menacing growls, and just when you think you know what’s next, he seamlessly switches the vibe up with pastel melodies and groovy sounds. “Fubar” was his late 2019 release, and (in my opinion) some of his best work yet.

Space Jesus did things his way, rinsing all kinds of electronic sauce with trippy hip-hop mixes and drops that make your mind melt. Born in New Jersey, hailing from Brooklyn, Yung Jafar took everyone aboard his spaceship for a curated experience that we were so fortunate to have right here in Columbia. Rather than trying to further describe it, watch Space Jesus shoutout Kobe, leak a brand new ID from Zeke Beats, and drop his signature live mix of “Space Jam” at the Senate below:

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