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David Collier


Generally, we pick a theme and play songs that are consistent with that theme. For example, we may play songs that reference the moon one week and the next week we might feature songs that reference numbers. And though the genres may be varied, there will be a cohesive feel and sound to each show. Many of the selections feature artists that time has forgotten. For the most part, the songs are from the 60's, 70's and 80's with an emphasis on rock, blues, r&b and country (and we do play some newer songs consistent with those genres). We had a radio show during our college years in the 90s that mostly featured old soul music from Stax, Hi and a few other labels that weren't as popular as, say, Motown. We have spent the past few decades collecting and consuming music that should have been more popular than it was. We developed a few loyal listeners since we started the show in 2019.