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Call the Studio: (803) 576-WUSC (9872)

Docc's Office

Having an interest in borderline any music, Docc's willing to listen to or play nearly any genre. Typically, you're going to catch rock, rap, or R&B, but really as long as it fits the vibe for the night it's getting played. As well as this, you're liable to catch Docc talking about why you should be hearing what the music's saying. If you're looking for something to take your mind off on a late night, make sure you got an appointment at the office.

Today's Lineup

12-1am Far Out Fieldwork
1-2am Foreign and Domestic
2-3am MünTüns
3-4am On Air
4-5am T.V. Static
5-6am The Out There Inn
6-7am Rocks for Jocks
7-8am Dead Air
8-9am Morning Coffee
9-10am The Gooey Show
10-11am takin’ out the trash
11am-12pm The Exhibition
12-1pm That WUSC Show
1-2pm riders on the storm
2-3pm AV1
3-4pm Donated Neurotica
4-5pm Zesty Hours
5-6pm /DTACK Grounded
6-7pm Ink Theory
7-8pm The Closing Night
8-10pm In Living Cover
10pm-12am The Nocturnals
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