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DJ Trov's Year In Review

What up, what up, what up! I’m DJ Trov from Eclectic Selections, breaking artists one show at a time. If you’ve ever listened to my show on Sundays at 9 AM, you may have heard me mention “The ’04 Ace Radio” and you may be wondering, “What is ‘The ’04 Ace Radio?’” That was the show I had when I first joined WUSC in Spring 2023, and March 28th was the one-year anniversary of my very first radio show. 

I played “Mad at Me” by Samia featuring Papa Mbye, “The River” by Throwing Muses, “Overseas” by Citified, and more. I was first introduced to WUSC when I met DJs Punky (Sully) and Aidan while they were tabling for the new DJs. Then, I went through all of the training and found some songs I played on my show (whenever I was doing my library hours). 

My timeslot was Tuesdays from 6-7 AM and I’ve only done five shows (four on Tuesday and the last one on a Sunday). One of my favorite memories is when DJs Lisa Frankenstein and DJ Pearl (from WHIPLASH) let me have my last show on their timeslot (which was Sunday from 4-6 PM) and I got to play some songs that I would listen to at my own free time. 

I would hang out with other DJs (and still do) to get to know them. In the last body meeting, I got a superlative for “Best Baby DJ.” During the summer, I watched and listened to interviews/songs by Samia, Indigo de Souza, Clairo, and others. 

When fall came, I kept the two-hour slot (with A Very Eclectic Jam Session, Sundays at 8-10 AM). I played artists such as Dee-1, Lazuli, Michelle Williams, Faye Webster, Cults, Statik Selektah, and more. Plus, I had guests such as dj silent bob, John Burbage, DJ A Feisty, DJ Ver, DJ Cherry Tomatoes, and dj mad aux. 

I really enjoyed doing the show because I got to introduce listeners to some of my favorite artists and new artists (especially those I found on Instagram) and some of the songs I played were songs that I heard on other DJs’ radio shows, such as “Wasted on You” by Andy Shauf.

Now, my show is on Sundays at 9 AM. I also had two guests on my show this semester, including Allie Cariddi and Callie Hribar. I feel like I’m used to having my show on Sundays since I am one of the DJs who are starting the week off right with “good music.” I am very glad that I joined WUSC because I am not sure if I would have found most of the artists had I not joined WUSC. Furthermore, I enjoy breaking artists that people may not have heard of, and hearing the artists I play get recognition will be one of the best outcomes.

J'Lyn Williams

Hey, guys! I am J’Lyn Williams and I’m from New Jersey. I am a second-year broadcast journalism major at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Some of my hobbies are spending time with family, playing basketball and listening to music. My main favorite music genres are Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel and alternative rock/pop. I am thinking about creating an independent TV channel someday and I’ve been practicing producing music on a practice music production app called BandLab. I have a show called “A Very Eclectic Jam Session” Sunday mornings from 8-10, where I will play Hip Hop, R&B, alternative/indie music, and more.

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