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90.5 Ways to Say "I Love You"

My name is DJ Ray and my show Rustic Radio (6-8 pm on Mondays) just recently did a show highlighting all different kinds of love. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be incredible to share a playlist with you all highlighting friendship love, familial love, and romantic love.
Valentine’s Day does not just have to be about sharing love with a romantic partner, it can also be about reminding your friends and family you love them immensely, just platonically instead! The playlist starts with Friendship Love, which has a lot of folksy songs, they tend to do that. These songs are about reminding your friends they are worthy, and that they mean so much to you. Song for a Friend by Caamp is a good example of this. This highlights love between friends who remind each other that romantic love can hurt, but at least we still have each other!
Don’t forget self-love counts in this section as well.
Next up is familial love, which often gets mixed up with other types of love. Mt. Joy has a song called Bathroom Light, which is decidedly about romantic love but calls upon platonic love as just as important. The song follows people who fall in love and choose to not mess with things, they want to let things happen naturally. A sweet message is repeated in the song, “Tell your friends, tell your mom, that you love who they are.”
Finally is romantic love, this section was easy to make and is the bulk of the playlist. Most songs are about a love story to some degree. There are songs like Louisa by Lord Huron (it should be noted these are NOT just Non-Top 40 tunes) which are about loving someone so much you come back from the grave for them. There are songs like Real Love Baby by Father John Misty, that speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy this happy, love-based playlist, curated by me, DJ Ray, with some inspiration from DJ River. Happy Valentine’s Day, WUSC loves you!

Rachael Lanning

Rachael Lanning (aka DJ Ray) is WUSC Program Director and cohost of Rustic Radio, on-air Wednesdays 8-10pm. Rachael is the one to go to for all things schedule, access, and station clerical work related. She also works closely with DJ training and is happy to help baby DJs with anything they need. Rachael has been a DJ with WUSC since the first semester of her freshman year, and doubtlessly has lots of love for the University of South Carolina DJs. Her favorite things include, COFFEE, folk and alt. rock music, and dancing/yoga, if any of those things are occurring outdoors, she loves it even more. Feel free to reach out to Rachael for anything WUSC related!

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