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DJ CeeJ's Student Org Highlights

As a current sophomore, I remember how intimidating it was to find and join a club. As the university boasts, there is a club for EVERYTHING. The demand of my classes, adjusting to a new environment, and wanting to make friends made joining a club particularly daunting. Then, the Organization Fair rolled around, and that anxiety persisted because there were just so many things to choose from. I ended up just skimming past the tables not really reading anything or talking to anyone.

I joined Garnet Media Group in the fall semester of my freshman year, so I can only imagine the pressure of being a new student in a new place in the middle of the school year when most people have already made friends and joined clubs. Well, there is nothing to fear. With the spring Org Fair rolling around within the next week or so, here is my list of clubs and organizations that might catch your attention. 

1. Carolina Beekeeping Club

Do you want to join the campaign to save the bees, along with raising money for non-profits that benefit society’s favorite pollinators? Boy, do I have a club for you! The Beekeeping Club offers hands-on experience and crafting events (anyone want to make their own lip balm?) plus plenty of smiling faces in this environmentally friendly club. You can contact them by email at

2. Anglers 

Do you miss being on a lake somewhere, fishing with your buddies? Or, have you seen all those dating profile pics of guys holding their freshly caught fish and REALLY want to recreate one? The Anglers have the fix for you. They provide a learning environment in the field of competitive fishing. It doesn’t matter the style or skill level you have under your belt, they are happy to have you. You can contact them by email at

3. Gamecocks on Ice 

If you ever wanted to pursue your dream of ice skating successfully without accumulating bruises or risking severe injury to yourself or others, Gamecocks on Ice can help! Taking all skill levels, the bi-weekly meetings encourage a love of ice skating in Irmo, South Carolina. You can contact them by joining their Garnet Gate at

4. Peace and Plants 

Do you like to eat? Do you like to try new things? Peace and Plants is the place for you. While encouraging you to try plant-based foods, they will also teach you how to cook those colorful dishes at home! Sustainability and full stomachs are the goals! No need to be vegan or vegetarian to join, just a gentle curiosity is required. You can contact them by email at

5. Star Wars Club 

If you have ever had any opinions at all about the Star Wars franchise, and had no one to talk to about them, look no further! The Star Wars Club offers a haven of discussion with meetings, community events, and movie screenings with people who share the same love you do! You can contact them by email at

Being a new student during any time of the year can be stressful. Making friends in a new place even more so. Just remember to take time for yourself. Take a deep breath  You only need to take the first step.

The Spring student org fair is going on NOW on Greene Street from 11 AM-2PM, go browse the various clubs USC offers!

To learn more about the 500+ student-run organizations at USC, visit the Garnet Gate Website :

CJ Rosenberger

Hi everyone! I'm CJ and I am a visual communications major with a creative writing minor. I am currently a part of the blog team so I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the blog or just WUSC in general!

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