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Halloween’s Favorite Record Label

Where can you find classic vinyl, possum air fresheners, and original music all in one store? Graveface Records & Curiosities is an absolute must-visit for fans of music and the macabre alike. Based in Savannah, Georgia, the store is owned and operated by Ryan Graveface. I’ve been lucky enough to visit several times and it’s one of my favorite hidden gems. The first time I visited the store, I was lucky enough to meet Graveface himself and he gave me a few recommendations from the store’s own record label. 

If you’re a cassette lover like me, this is the place for you. I’m sure that it sent a shiver down my parents’ spine every time I picked up another but I just couldn’t resist. My favorite that I grabbed was Basically Nancy’s self titled album released in March of last year. Graveface told me that he discovered the trio when they played in the back of the store. If you enjoy punk music, do yourself a favor and give their album a listen!

Another favorite of mine is Beachy Head’s self-titled album. This album was created by Christian Savill, the guitarist of the legendary shoegaze band Slowdive. This new album has the same dreamy feel, my favorite song being “October” (what perfect timing). Another fun fact about this album, Matt Duckworth from The Flaming Lips supplied the drums! 

As you can see, Graveface has a wide variety of music to discover, but that’s not all they have to offer. If visiting the record store piques your curiosity, be sure to head right around the corner to Terror Vision, a shop that specializes in horror films and their soundtracks. I’m sure you could find just about any horror movie you like there, but I’d recommend checking out some of the campy 80’s slasher films (sounds like a perfect Halloween movie marathon to me).

If you’ve got a full day, however, you need to stop by The Graveface Museum. Calling all of you true crime fans out there, this is certainly the coolest museum in the country (and I’d even say the world). Some of the exhibits you can find there include the occult, strange taxidermy, aliens, and cults, which is my personal favorite. The museum also holds an impressive art collection, featuring works by some of the most notorious serial killers like John Wayne Gacy. If you’re a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, you have the opportunity to tour a re-creation of the house of the man who inspired the character for Norman Bates, Ed Gein. The museum boasts the largest collection of real artifacts from his case on display and attempts to correct some of the misinformation surrounding it. 

If all of this sounds a little too scary, don’t worry. There’s also a room full of pinball machines to play free with admission. But if you’re still feeling unsure, just know that your experience will never be as awkward as mine. My first visit was the day right after New Years a couple years ago. I had finished exploring all of the exhibits and was waiting for my parents to also finish up, so I decided to wander around a bit more. I was reading a story about a little girl who had died in a circus fire and was never identified when all of a sudden, I got super overheated. I made it over to my parents thankfully but at that point, I was pretty much out. I pinky promise I’m not a scaredy-cat by the way, I think I was being haunted (Savannah’s the most haunted city in America, fun fact). If “that one girl who passed out” can recommend the museum to you, however, I’d say it’s a pretty great place.

There’s so much about Graveface that makes it special, from their own screen printed t-shirts, to their John Wayne Gacy documentary. The museum is always changing and featuring new exhibits so no two visits are ever the same! Enjoy all that Graveface has to offer and be sure to grab a new record or cassette on your way out. 

Find out more about Graveface with these links!

Graveface Museum Website: 

Graveface Distribution: 

Graveface Bandcamp:

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