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WUSC's Dream Concerts

Have you ever been listening to a live recording of song, seen a video of a performance, or heard your hippie great-uncle talk about attending Woodstock and think man, I wish I could’ve been there?

We all have dream concerts we missed out on by not being fans yet, not having the budget, or simply not existing yet. Mine (DJ Lily, your friendly blog editor), is the Fleetwood Mac’s live recording of The Dance, recorded on May 23rd, 1997. I have listened to this album countless times but Stevie Nicks’ rendition of Silver Springs gives me chills every time. I would pay an exorbitant amount of money to travel back in time and experience that live performance. So, at our last DJ Body Meeting, I asked our DJ’s what performance they would give their all to experience. Read on to see what they said.

DJ Dani Darko - Elliott Catoe-Griffis

I would want to see Jeff Mangum in 1997 when he recorded Live at Jittery Joe’s. My dad would dance me to sleep to that album as a baby, so it has always been a part of my life. Engine is perhaps my favorite song of all time, and I wish I could go back in time to see this performance. 

DJ Fresco - Sydney Sommers 

Talking Heads in the late 70s-80s! I want to see David Byrne boogie in his big suit. Plus I think going to a concert with no phones and only vibes would be so fun because everyone will be just in the moment.  

DJ Luce - Lily Ferguson 

Modern Baseball (they broke up :()

DJ Lisa Frankenstein - ISSAC CZERNIAWSKY 

 The cramps, live at the peppermint longue. 

DJ Ivy - Evie Ellis

Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel when they toured In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

DJ Mercury - Zane Heinlein 

I would see Prince. I want him to sing Raspberry Beret and serenade me all night. 

JPSports - JP Barry

Outkast before the broke up, circa 2005

DJ Laz - Joshua Lazenby

The Beatles on tour in 1968/69 

DJ Olive Arden - Arden Riley

Vans Warped Tour

DJ Angel Hair - Maddie Zediker 

One Direction x 5SOS tour. Middle school me would’ve ascended

DJ Ver - Veronica Finnan

Mozart, I want to see how people in the audience react to classic music being their equivalent of the billboard hot 100

DJ Ray - Rachael Lanning

I would be front row at Live Aid, NEED to see Freddie Mercury :))))

DJ Trov - J’Lyn Williams

I would see 116 (Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, etc.) at the Compilation Tour in 2007.

DJ Mad Aux - Morgan Maddox

I wanna see The Grateful Dead in their prime!

DJ Daph - Daphne Franklin

Depeche Mode's Rose Bowl performance in 1988. I would actually die I think. Also if I got to see Rush live at any point in time I would be CRYINGGGGG

DJ Shaye - Shaye Thoroughman 

​​I think it’d be really fun and funny to see the Beatles at the prime of Beatlemania. I like their music but more importantly, i want to see the women of the sixties go absolutely buck wild!

DJ Deep Friar - Nathaniel Nguyen

Tchaikovsky’s Cannon overture but when the cannons were fresh and it was novel.

DJ SAXX - Sam Langdale 

The Dennys Grand Slam

Hungry Nikhil - Nikhil Vaishnav

Dogleg and Retirement Party coheadliner from like 2021. It's my fault though cause I didn't start going to shows until 2022

DJ Montoya - Peyton Quathamer

I'd want to see the live performance of the 1812 overture with the cannons.

DJ B.O.C. - Steven Rudnicki

Three Dog at the Forum in LA.  My very first album was Three Dog Night Captured Live at the Forum in 1972

DJ Bish - Anna Bishop

​​If I could see any artist, I would see Talking Heads during their 1983-1984 Stop Making Sense Tour. The band, hot off of their success from their 1983 album Speaking in Tongues, gives such a wonderful performance! 

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