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Meet The Exec

Meet The Exec 2023-24 

Each year, WUSC has a staff of DJs on our executive board. These DJ’s are highly involved with WUSC and help us run everything from making the schedules, planning events and our fundraiser week, and alumni outreach. Want to get to know our AMAZING exec staff for the 2023-2024 school year? Then, by all means, read on! 

Evie Ellis, Station Manager

Hey, everyone! My name is Evie Ellis, and I am a rising Junior Computer Science Major in the Honors College with a minor in Math (Women in STEM for the win). I am originally from Haddonfield, New Jersey, but I moved to Gallatin, Tennessee after high school. I have completed four semesters of being a DJ, and last year I was our Program Director. Since the beginning, I have had my show Not Luce & Ivy with DJ Luce or Lily Ferguson, our engagement director. We have had specialty shows doing artist spotlights as well as folk & pop music. I love folk punk sounds, like AJJ, the Front Bottoms, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Defiance, Ohio, but I will listen to just about anything! This summer, I was a camp counselor for middle & high schoolers at Western Kentucky University (roll tops!). People have often told me this role suits me best - I love making conversation, pursuing child-like creativity, and nurturing growth in people. Fun fact, in high school, I ran a non-profit organization centered around making friendship bracelets for children with long-term hospital stays. I look forward to getting back to the station this semester!

Rachael Lanning, Program Director 

Hey everyone! My name is Rachael Lanning and I’m from Victor, New York. I am an Anthropology major with a History minor and I’ll be a sophomore this year! I joined WUSC at the beginning of my freshman year and it was the best decision ever… I am so excited to be Program Director this year. I am DJ Ray of Rustic Radio and we play all things cozy, banjo-y, and indie (our favorites are folk, rock, pop, and americana). My favorite band is Lord Huron and I will never stop talking about them, DJ River (my cohost) and I get to see them this summer! Music is a huge part of my life, I’ve danced since I was 2, and WUSC has been the most amazing way to share what I love with people.

Sarah Craft, News Director

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Craft, and I am going to be this year's news director. I am from Chesterfield, Virginia and am a junior broadcast journalism major at USC. I became a member of WUSC in the fall of my freshman year and have been a member of the news division since my freshman year too. My DJ name is DJ Theatrekid, and I host the show "The Closing Night," where I play a variety of pop, rock, R&B, and jazz. Some of my favorite artists to listen to are Dean Lewis, Samia, and Zoey Wees. On my show I also have weekly rambles where I talk about random topics and scenarios I thought of that week. As my DJ and show name suggests, I love theatre and entertaining others, but I also have a passion for journalism and helping my community. That is why I love being a part of WUSC since it gives me the chance to pursue both of my interests through my radio show and involvement in the news division. I am so excited to continue on in WUSC as the news director and a DJ this year!

Vivek Crowe, Associate Director of Connection

I am Vivek Crowe or DJ V - Zesty. I'm from Fort Mill SC and I'm a second year broadcast journalism major. I have been with WUSC since my first semester of freshman year and I am so glad I got involved. I love the community and I love my show with DJ EV! My show is called Zesty Hours and we play and talk about literally anything and everything. Stay Zesty ?

Lily Ferguson, Engagement Director

Hi all! My name is Lily Ferguson and I'm from Hartsville, South Carolina. I'm a rising junior visual communications major. I’ve been a member of WUSC since the fall of my freshman year and this year as engagement director will be my first on exec staff! I go by DJ Luce and host not luce and ivy with our very own station manager Evie! We do artist highlights so we only play music from one artist a week (and talk a lot too). My favorite band is Slaughter Beach, Dog but I love every genre of music! I’m excited for the summer but I can’t wait to kick things off in the fall!!

Rachael Erickson, Communications Director

Hi! I’m Rachael Erickson, the WUSC Communications Director. I’m originally from Columbia, Missouri but am now a full-time COLA resident! I recently graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and History and am now pursuing a Masters in Public Administration. I’ve been a DJ for two years, mostly specializing in 80s indie music (although I’m looking to switch it up a little)! I go by DJ Bronte - keep an eye out for my new show this fall. 

Lily Eppes, Blog Editor

Hi ya'll! my name is Lily Eppes. I'm from Summerville, South Carolina and I'm going into my junior year at the  USC Honors College as a double major in Anthropology and Classics. I have been a member of WUSC since the spring of my freshman year, and I am so excited to be this year's blog editor! I go by DJ Lily on my show The Lily Pad and I primarily play folk and indie music. I also love psychedelic rock and americana sounds like Jimi Hendrix, Greta Van Fleet, Stop Light Observations, and Kacy & Clayton. My absolute favorite guilty pleasure genre is Irish folk music (but I try not to overwhelm listeners with that on air), and my absolute favorite artist ever is Fleetwood Mac – will I make it 4 years in a row with them as my top artist on spotify?-- This past summer I studied abroad in Italy at an Archaeological field school at the site of Gabii, just outside of Rome. I love all things ancient but I cant wait to get back into the present day, live on air with all of ya’ll this semester!

Jenna Sweetman, PSA Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Jenna Sweetman and I am your friendly PSA manager! I’m currently a Hospitality Management major and a Film and Media Minor! I’ve been with WUSC for 4 years now, 3 of which have been on the exec team. I absolutely love my show; I host The Drive-In as DJ Flickchick. I play movie soundtracks and give the history behind my movie of the week! My film minor really comes in handy when researching about my movies. 

Some fun information about me: lately I’ve been traveling all throughout the east coast! I grew up in New Jersey but I’ve been spending a good chunk of time in Florida these past couple of years doing internships. Last year I worked at The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and I just spent this summer working at The Breakers in Palm Beach! 

Daphne Franklin, Associate Director of Social Media

Howdy! My name is Daphne Franklin. I'm from Smithfield, Virginia (the Ham Capital of the world!).  I'm a rising sophomore at USC on the pre-pharmacy track, and I joined WUSC during my first semester! I go by DJ Daph at the station, and I keep things swampy with my show, The Swamp. My favorite genre of music is new wave, but you'll catch me playing anything and everything on the airwaves. If you listen to my show, there's a very high chance you'll hear me talking about one of my favorite topics: Star Trek, Sudoku, or oatmeal. I'm stoked to be the Associate Director of Social Media for this upcoming school year! 

Nat Nguyen, Web Developer

I'm Nat, I'm a Junior Computer Science major that hails from North Carolina. I've been with WUSC since freshman year and loved every year of it as I hope our body and future DJs as well. My show is 90 seconds to midnight, where I play honestly whatever I feel like which ranges from random Japanese Songs by Stomu Yamashta to our newest selections in the Music Library. I also have got two cats and am a major DND nerd so feel free to call in whenever I'm on air to talk about it.

Izzie Rushton, Associate Director of Training

Hi my name is Izzie! I’m a sophomore biochem student from Murfreesboro Tennessee (a little outside of Nashville). I’ve been a DJ since the fall of my freshman year and I’m super excited to be this year’s training director! My show is In A Pickle and on air I’m DJ Iz. I love all kinds of music, minus country sorry, but especially anything hyperpop or overproduced. Finally, a fun fact about me is that my hair has officially been half of the colors of the rainbow—right now it’s blue!

Brandon Jolley, Music Director

I’m Brandon Jolley. I’m the continuing Music Director at WUSC. I’m a senior majoring in Biology with minors in Music and Psychology. My show focuses on Latin Music, not the Bad Bunny kind but moreso Sergio Mendes and Juan Luis Guerra. The tunes my momma showed me growin’ up. Every now and then I focus on one country in particular or niche genres like electronic dance or shoegaze from that area. I’m a pianist, with a film score and some session work under my belt. I also book some DIY shows in Columbia every now and then for bands that I think are unique to what’s going on in the scene here to hopefully promote and encourage diversity to current and future musicians in Columbia. 

Cam Osterholt, Web Developer 

Yo! My name is Cam Osterholt, I am from Columbus, Ohio and I am a rising junior here at USC. I'm a computer science major with a focus on automation and AI; I also work for Boeing in their research and technology group in Charleston! This is my second semester with WUSC and first on exec as a web developer! I belong to the dynamic duo that is Chasing Waves as DJ Oatmeal (coolest name in the world not to brag), we are big fans of Surf music and Reggie. Other fun facts: I love photography (cam.arw on ig) and I love the Cleveland Cavs.

Shaye Thoroughman, Associate Director of DEI

Hi!! I’m Shaye Thoroughman. I’m from Monmouth County, New Jersey and I’m a junior majoring in Information Science. I have been a member of WUSC since my first semester and I am so excited to be WUSC’s assiociate director of DEI. My radio show is titled “Chamomile” and I mostly play indie, rock, and alternative music. Some artists I love include Mitski, Barenaked Ladies, Hozier, and Fiona Apple! A fun fact about me is that I have traveled to around 40 countries and at the time of writing this I am studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain!

Zane Henelein, Secretary 

I’m Zane Heinlein aka DJ Mercury. I’m a junior broadcast journalism and art history student from Charlotte, NC. I’ve been in WUSC since my freshmen year and have loved every moment. I host Retrograde with my best friend DJ Ginger May Jones. We talk about college life, our current obsessions and everything in between. I’m always listening to Faye Webster, Erykah Badu, and Fiona Apple. My absolute favorite TV shows are Derry Girls and Fleabag! 

Issac Czerniawsky, Treasurer 

Heyo! My name is Issac Czerniawsky, and I'm from the literal greatest city in the world, Atlanta. This is my third semester with WUSC, and I'm pleased as punch that I've had the opportunity to continue my show, Whiplash, this year. In addition to hosting Whiplash, I hold the position of WUSC treasurer, spend a lot of time sewing, and am currently displeasing my Otolaryngologist by listening to GEL as loud as headphone capabilities will allow. I look forward to seeing yr sweet faces at meetings!! - DJ Lisa Frankenstein

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