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Tiny Couch Concerts: Chandler Shipes (Performing the Songs of Curly Blue)

Chandler Shipes, one of the founders of the Melon Barn, owner of Swad, and one half of Boz and the now retired Curly Blue joins us from our music library for an intimate acoustic set.

"Sophie Smokes" - 0:07
"Higgs Boson” - 3:29
“one too 44” - 6:24
The Ocean Blue - “Ask Me Jon” - 9:10
“Haircut” - 11:21
“Pole Jam” - 14:38
“Sophie’s” - 17:51

Be sure to check out the rest of the Chandler's music, including his newest project, Boz:
Boz / Boz Rocks

“Chandler Shipes has simultaneously been a foundation and a landmark in the SC music scene for years. Founder of Greer’s Melon Barn and a part of Upstate punk legends Curly Blue and now Boz, walking him up to our music library, I was in the presence of one of my high school heroes. The music of Curly Blue and their live shows made me understand the love for the local music scene, shaped my love for punk music, and was one of the many reasons that I applied to be the Music Director at WUSC. Once we entered the station, not even his mustache could hide the grin from seeing our videographer for the day and his old friend Bayly Hunter, who played keys in Columbia’s Slush. Hearing them catch up over the past 3 years was the perfect background ambiance while Aidan and I set up the mics. Once we were ready and Chandler started, it was hard not to reminisce on hearing the same material years ago in small, sweaty venues. The songs, now stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and vocals, placed an emphasis on the duo’s songwriting and Chandler’s progression as a singer. The delivery on my favorite track, Pole Jam, put a pit in my stomach with how much urgent candidness oozed out of his mouth.

Once we were wrapped, we joked on the perfect coincidence of the guitar string breaking on the very last note and learned about how he’s now focused on preserving the food and therefore culture of one of the longest running Indian vegetarian restaurants in Greenville, Swad, after the former owners retired. Bayly said their goodbyes to leave for work, and I walked Chandler out to his car. I felt refreshed and nostalgic, satisfied to know that one of my favorite local songwriters has gotten even better.” 

-WUSC Music Director Brandon Jolley


Curly Blue
Chandler Shipes (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)

Aidan Canfield (Audio Engineer/Mixing/Mastering)
Bayly Hunter (Videography/Editing)
Brandon Jolley (Director) 

Aidan Canfield

We just play whatever we’re vibing with at any given time-and funny meme songs about the stock market.

Brandon Jolley

Playing the music my Ecuadorian mother raised me on to spread the polyrhythmic essence of cumbia, salsa, merengue and more.

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