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Tiny Couch Concerts: Homemade Haircuts

Homemade Haircuts join us in our music library for three songs off their latest album, Sun Showers.

  • 0:15 - Hourglass
  • 4:33 - Jasmine
  • 8:44 - Great Lakes

Special Thanks to:

Homemade Haircuts

Bob Magee (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)

Blake Hunter (Electric Guitar)


Brandon Jolley (Video)

Aidan Canfield (Audio)

    Aidan Canfield

    We just play whatever we’re vibing with at any given time-and funny meme songs about the stock market.

    Brandon Jolley

    Transition from Latin to composed music. Trying to get ahead of the curve. Some of the most important artists are inspired by contemporary composers, Miles Davis and Stockhausen, Bill Evans and Debussy, John Lennon and Beethoven, Pachelbel and everyone who has used his infamous chord progression, and countless more. So, I offer this time slot as a study for what composers of today are writing for myself in my own works, as well as aspiring or practicing musicians in the scene here for inspiration themselves.

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