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Interview: Sally Gates of Titan to Tachyons!

Our DJs, Joshua Lazenby and Will Sutton, sit down with Sally Gates of Titan to Tachyons ahead of the Jam Room Music Festival in Columbia, SC on October 1, 2022. Tune in to learn more about Titan to Tachyons, an instrumental experimental genre-blending quartet.

Joshua Lazenby

I am a second year student and this will be my second semester with WUSC. Music is my main hobby and I consider myself a somewhat avid concert goer. My show is mainly rock and pop of many different sub-genres as well as a touch of international music. I enjoy discussing the musical history of the artists I am playing as well as my own feelings about what I play. I also have a segment called “the subterranean band/artist of the week” where I showcase one artist and talk in-depth about them and play a set of their music.

Will Sutton

The Koger Center Arts Round Up brings you everything you need to know about the local arts and cultural offerings for the upcoming week in the WUSC listening area. More than just event listings, we share in depth information, interviews and selections of music so you can make an informed decision about how to support local artists and venues each week!

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