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Celebrating 32 Years of the ADA

July 26th, 2022 is the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA was signed into law in 1990 and serves to prohibit discrimination based on disability by the government and in the workplace, sets the standards for equitable accommodations across the United States, and helps promote equal access to essential services for all United States citizens. Everyone deserves respect and equal access regardless of their ability and the passing of the ADA was one of the first steps towards achieving that. There is always more that needs to be done, and there are still many barriers to equal access and accessibility that disabled individuals have to overcome every day, but the passing of the ADA was an early piece of legislation that has set the course for accessibility and equity for those with disabilities.

WUSC supports all of its DJs, listeners, and members of the Columbia community in equity and access. This Disability Pride Month, we are especially focused on creating an equitable environment and ensuring that WUSC’s services and facilities are accessible to all members of our music and local community. We also use this occasion to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of disabled musicians and disabled individuals in the music industry. The music industry has truly come a long way in fighting disability stigma and inequality and making listening to music and attending live music events more accessible to those with disabilities than ever before. Music should be accessible to everyone and while tremendous progress has been made throughout the years, there continues to be room for growth and improvement.

The University of South Carolina’s Student Disability Resource Center aims to promote equity and accessibility for students with disabilities. According to their website, the SDRC “coordinates efforts to ensure that students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations and serves as consultants to faculty, staff and campus partners.” This office advocates for disabled students and provides academic and campus accommodations and modifications to help close the accessibility gap experienced by many students with disabilities. They also provide information and resources to those interested in learning more about accommodations and disability access on campus.

If you are interested in requesting accommodations or learning more information about the services and resources offered you can visit the Student Disability Resource Center website linked below:

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