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Interview: Arrows in Action!

With the release of their first album and finishing up their first full American tour, Arrows in Action is the latest pop-rock band to keep eyes on.  Since their song “Uncomfortably Numb” featuring Taylor Acorn went viral on the popular video app TikTok, Arrows in Action has been grabbing the attention of the pop-rock crowd more and more with each song teaser posted. 


Who is Arrows in Action?

The three-piece band comes from Gainesville, Florida where they all met in college. Since meeting, the band has evolved from a one-man band to a three-piece made up of Jesse, Matthew, and Victor. The band was born in 2012 by drummer Jesse Frimmel with other college friends. Later in 2014, the band's lead vocalist Victor Viramontes-Pattison joined and was followed by Matthew Fowler, their guitarist, in 2017. 

Since their creation, Arrows in Action is now based out of the city of music: Nashville, TN. In the last year, Arrows in Action has grown significantly with the release of their first album, Be More.. Be More. is an album that grabs ahold of the audience and refuses to let go. Arrows in Action has become known to have catchy choruses that stick in one's mind for hours on end. Be More is a seven-track album with one interlude and one collaboration. Beginning with “Compromise” and ending with “All The Ways I Could Die”, the album is a front-to-back masterpiece created by this trio.

Writing, Producing, Compromising & Cookies

It’s no doubt that every band has its own personal barriers to its writing process. And Arrows in Action is absolutely no different, except they understand the importance of compromising. Every band's writing process is different from another. In this band, each member does a bit of each part of the writing process. However, that doesn’t stop any of the members from having a favorite part of the process even at the expense of their other bandmates. When sitting down with the band after their show in Atlanta, the band joked lightheartedly about their favorite part of the production process being drum day. Drum day is the last day of the recording process where the drummer of the band records all of their sections to each song for an album or an EP. “[We] bring a case of beers and we watch Jesse work” stated Victor with Matthew in agreeance. Each band member's skill as defined by the band is simply a well-decorated cookie.

“Victor bakes the cookies, I [Matthew] put the icing on them and you [Jesse] put like little sprinkle smiley faces,” says Matthew as his bandmates discussed their writing processes. And speaking of cookies, each band member shared what their favorite cookie is:

Matthew: Cowboy cookies (made with chocolate chips, pecans, oats, cinnamon, and coconut) 

Victor: Turtle cookies (made with pecans, caramel, and chocolate chips)

Jesse: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies


Acknowledging Their Roots

Arrows in Action doesn’t just come from one place, instead, they come from one city but different backgrounds. Matthew Fowler began playing music at the young age of eight years old and throughout high school, he participated heavily in his high school marching band playing the alto-saxophone. By the end of his marching career, he had become a drum major. The drummer and founder of Arrows in Action is Jesse Frimmel, the only band member to still reside in their hometown in Florida. Jesse began playing music at the tender age of six when he learned how to play the piano, however his percussion career didn’t begin until he was fourteen. Victor was the oldest of the three to truly find his stance in the music scene. Victor began playing guitar at the age of thirteen and similar to his bandmate Matthew, he participated in pep band throughout high school. However, if one were to ask Victor's father, his son only knows how to ring a doorbell. 

Still in Action

Still very early into their music careers, Arrows in Action is gonna go far with their lighthearted jokes, strong friendship, and their captivating melodies. Much like their name, these arrows are still in action and have yet to reach their target. Stay tuned for this trio's epicness as they embrace their passions for music. Check out Arrows in Action's latest single and music video, “Put You Through Me”. 

Emily Okon

Cheap Eyeliner is an indie alternative show that typically focuses on rock/metal music with themes every week! I typically focus on females in the music industry and we discuss mental health initiatives on the show frequently. Tune in to hear me ramble and mispronounce various words that I really shouldn't be mispronouncing!

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