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DJ Bio: Brandon Jolley!

by WUSC Blog Staff

In this weekly portion of the blog, we feature a member of the DJ body to give you guys a sneak peek of the people behind the voices you hear on air. This is a DJ bio!

This week, the spotlight is on Brandon Jolley, a member of WUSC since his freshman year! He has his free-format show No World Is As True As Mine, Tuesday from 12 pm-2 pm!

Meet Brandon:


DJ Name: Brandon Jolley

Show Description: Half is music I love and have had on repeat recently, and the other half are new artists that are either in rotation or not that I think are making really great music. I try to fit in some commentary relating to the artists I play: memories I've made with the music, concerts of the artists I've been to, previous band association etc.

Year & Major: I'm a sophomore and I'm studying biological sciences!

Hometown: I've lived in Irmo

Zodiac Sign: I'm a Pisces male (I know I hate myself too)

Hobbies Outside Radio: Concerts, practicing piano, watching movies, time with friends and loved ones, reading, and exploring the extreme rural parts near where I live.

What ya been listening to most these days? I always play SKOVAZ when I'm in the need to dance in my car, Harry Driggers because she just moved to Philly and I miss her a lot, and MJ Lenderman because Berman-esque lo-fi rock w/ country influences makes me feel whole.

Best Moment with WUSC: Putting my favorite artists into digital rotation and them emailing me or running into me telling me how thankful they are for putting them in rotation and how much it means to them. No better feeling than letting an artist, or anyone, feel seen.

Favorites Gem You've Found In The Music Library: I found Spiritualized's Live at the Royal Albert Hall album from 2001 in one of the bins they were going to either trash or sell. Original CDs are asking for ridiculous amounts of money online and I just had to take it (w/ permission from Jonas, our music director, of course).

First Concert Experience: I think it was 2014 or 2015. My mom was on Facebook one day, saw this instrumental busking group cover "Funky Town" and was like "Brandon, is this not the best music you've listened to in your life?" and I kinda just shrugged and apparently that showed so much positive emotion she bought tickets for the two of us to go see them at the Midlands Tech Performance Hall in Harbison. It was a lot of fun though, and I gotta admit it was pretty impressive they were able to blow their horns and jump around the way they did without hyperventilating or something.

Favorite Columbia Spot: Always depends on my mood! I like to go to any of the Riverwalks and get as close to the water as possible whenever I'm trying to shut out the inner city buzz. I always find myself grabbing a coffee at the Five Points Drip (they have a record selection that I'd say is just as good, if not better than Papa Jazz). And the Columbia Art Museum has First Thursdays and really great rotating exhibitions that I always make sure to check out.

Random Thing: If you're in the Honors College and have a few spare credit hours take Experimental Music with Greg Stuart it will change your life if you let it.

Hit Brandon up with a follow on Instagram! Also, check out this post about his favorite albums of 2021!

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