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The Nude Party; A Surprise, To Be Sure, But A Welcome One

On Saturday, March 19th I bore witness to The Nude Party’s performance at the St. Pat’s in Five Points festival.  Going into the concert, I was vaguely familiar with the band.  I had heard about three of their songs beforehand & played a handful of their songs during my sets, but I didn’t consider myself a die-hard fan of theirs until I got the privilege of watching them rock the venue.  All the musicians that make up The Nude Party are prolific in their trade, and together they have written songs that sound strangely familiar yet are all extremely unique.  

One of the most captivating aspects of the concert to me & many of the attendees was the fantastic bass work that Alec Castillo laid out.  The energetic presence & nasty bass lines that Castillo brought to the stage left concert-goers in awe as he laid out grooves that many bassists crave yet few execute.  This, along with a beautiful ax & booming tone, compelled everyone in attendance to vibe to his performance.
The Nude Party playing KEXP

Lead singer Patton Magee’s voice fit right into the indie-rock & folk sound that the entire band contributed to perfectly.  With a staunch North Carolinian timbre & Appalachian accent, Magee wooed attendees with his phenomenal execution of the band’s original songs that spanned across their discography.  In their song “Nashville Record Co.” Magee states that he will “steal, borrow, and blow” his way to the charts, but I don’t think any of these will be necessary with the vocal talent he brings to the party.  Magee’s impressive singing was backed by great supporting vocals that most of the band contributed to, leading to a sound best described as “full.”  Magee managed all of this while sporting a beautiful Rickenbacker guitar that boasts an impressive tone.  

The keyboard & organ work executed by Don Merrill was also not overlooked.  Many keyboard players fall victim to playing in the background without recognition or thought from the crowd, yet it was difficult for attendees not to appreciate the smooth, soulful sounds that Merrill put out.  The keyboard, drums, & lap steel guitar all held their own during the entire performance.  

The Nude Party is certainly deserving of more recognition and praise in the indie-rock genre & music industry, and it is shocking that a band of this caliber and musical proficiency is considered “underground” to many.  The next time The Nude Party comes to the Columbia area, I will be in attendance.  If The Nude Party has a million fans, I am one of them.  If The Nude Party has ten fans, I am one of them.  If The Nude Party has one fan, it’s me.  If The Nude Party has no fans that means I am dead.  If the world is against The Nude Party I am against the world. 

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Kai Prins

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