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DJ Bio: Rick Wrigley!


In this weekly portion of the blog, we feature a member of the DJ body to give you guys a sneak peek of the people behind the voices you hear on air. This is a DJ bio!

This week, the spotlight is on Rick Wrigley, a member of WUSC since 1963 (Yes, when it was AM)! He has his specialty show The Backbeat Show from 10 AM - 12 PM! He has one of our most popular shows!

Meet Rick:

Name: Rick Wrigley

DJ Name: Rick Wrigley

Show Description: Oldies done the way radio was in the 50s - 70s

Year & Major: 1992 Electrical Engineering (Started in 1963 - Part time after 1966)

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Hobbies Outside Radio: Flying (Commercial Pilot Certified Flight Instructor and Instrument Ratings) and Sailing.

What ya been listening to most these days? Frequently changes right now - ABBA's release coming in November (yes, this survey was taken in September.)

Guilty Pleasure Listening: ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

Best moment with WUSC: Doing the WUSC Patio Parties live on the RH Patio in 63-65

Favorites Gem You've Found In The Music Library: Charles Aznavour- Yesterday When I Was Young (that was in 1965)

First Concert Experience: Big Ape Convention (WAPE in Jacksonville FL 1962)

Favorite Columbia Spot: The Horseshoe! / Davis Field

Random Thing: I like Rockin' Socks

Hit Rick up with a follow on Facebook! Also, check out this post about his cats Patty & Charlie!

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