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WUSC Concert Recap

Our inaugural show for the 2021-2022 school year was this past Saturday! The show featured an all women line-up with appearances by familiar WUSC collaborators Business School and headliner Paisley & The Birdwalkers. We also featured two new WUSC acts Kismet Kind and Jody Jackson. Thanks to the New Brookland Tavern for hosting, and to everyone that came out! Below are some photos and impressions of the concert. If you missed it, never fear, we got a lot coming up on the docket.

Business School


Playing some of their country-acoustic original songs such as "Mailman", "Frankie" and "Come Along", Business School was electric.

A highlight of the night was when the duo covered a crowd-favorite Taylor Swift song. With satisfyingly layered harmonies & ironically worn "Death is Certain" shirts (with pictures of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels), it was a wonderful set full of laughs and angelic harmonies.


Near the later half of their time on stage, Josie Davis shared a quote her bandmate (Jessie Augusta) had previously told her about art begetting art, and encouraged everyone in the audience to create something of their own.

"It's good for the world," she said.

Jody Jackson


Jody Jackson played some introspective originals, and although it was only her and her guitar, the raw talent made the stage feel packed with soul-bearing musicians.

With tracks such as "Queen of Anxieties" and "Decorative Dissociative", Jackson sung of vulnerability, reality and hardship. "Do I really exist? the creases on my hands tell me this is it. But how can I feel present when I don't give a shit? This self-centered pity is a half-life."

With her intricate tattoos speckled across her body, a voice that made me think she must have perfect pitch and fearlessly singing the sad-man blues throughout the night, she was a transformative act to see. Halfway through her performance, she switched from her acoustic to electric guitar, ending her set with the melancholy "Charlie’s Song", a track written for her brother with riveting chord changes and lyrics that made me feely deeply.

Heard from the crowd: "This shit is pretty as hell!"


Kismet Kind played some rock-girl anthems with their slightly-indie leaning guitar riffs and inviting drum performance. With combinations of multiple genres, from earthy folk tones to classic rock harmonies, the Greenville-duo was a crowd favorite. Many thanks to you, Ashley and Corinne.

Paisley and the Birdwalkers gave their all with their signature country-rock sound. The last stop of the night, their energy was apparent and sustained. The passion for their sound is apparent in everything they do, from the way they move, to the meshing of their instrumentation: the plucking of guitar strings to each hit of the hi-hat. The songwriting and stacked harmonies together also made for a solid set. Also, throughout the night Paisley handed out free stickers, sooo that's kind of enough said about the band right there. They are amazing.


Thanks to everyone that came out! Stay tuned for our other upcoming concerts, TBA.

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