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Review: DJ Witchfinder dives into Demoniac's So It Goes


So It Goes is Demoniac’s sophomore record, but it is the first album I have heard from the Chilean thrash metal group… and let me just say: I am in a state of solipsism brought on by the overwhelming intensity of this record. I cannot tell you much about the band besides that they are from Chile, there are five members, and the frontman’s name is Javier Ortiz. But that is fine because their music speaks for itself. In this review I will take you through all five tracks and provide my honest but ultimately unimportant opinion.

Track 1, "RSV – Fools Coincidence – Testigo": This record wastes absolutely no time in getting to the meaty thrash. This track is seemingly separated into three movements, and at 7:25 minutes long it certainly is the definition of a thrash epic. The first vocals come at about 2-minute mark and surprised me at first because they are in English. Ortiz is a talented vocalist, switching between English and Spanish with apparent fluidity in both languages. The bass is well mixed, which is a pleasant surprise as it is often not with most thrash records. The drums charge the song forward with acute precision and commanding presence. The guitars produce meaty, choppy riffs but suddenly transition to a neo-classical style during the numerous solos. This song puts the album off to a great start.

Track 2, "The Trap": While being the shortest cut on the record at 3:41 minutes, it still manages to kick ass. It begins with a swirling piano that pans from right to left and back again. The piano fades away while a technical guitar riff begins. Again, the guitars wander into neo-classical territory which may sound strange for a thrash album, but it works so well. The drums are solid, while the bass in this song seems to take a back seat and follow the rhythm guitar. The vocal performance on this track is short but sweet.

Track 3, "Extraviado": This track blew my mind when I first heard it. Get this… it starts out with a clarinet solo. Never in my life have I heard a clarinet in a metal song, not to mention a thrash metal song. It is just about the coolest thing I have ever heard. As the clarinet continues, backed by a subtle bass line, the guitars join the party. This amalgamation of sounds is an absolute joy to experience. This song is hands down one of the most creative and, dare I say, progressive thrash songs I have ever heard. It is excellent in every way.

Track 4, "Equilibrio Fatal": Right away this song starts blasting. The vocals in this track are mostly in Spanish, which sounds awesome as the vocalist sings quickly given the fast tempo of this song. The drums are solid like the rest of the track but will flourish occasionally in a technically impressive way. The bass almost steals the show for me with an incredibly creative bass line. The guitars drive the song forward but duet in an amazing solo near the end of the song. This song is cathartic to experience and left me with a stupid looking grin on my face.

Track 5, "So It Goes": Here it is, the title and final track of the record and what a track it is! A near 20-minute progressive thrash beast. I cannot even wrap my head around how a band would even memorize a song this long. Every member performs their respective parts with every fiber of their being for the entirety of the track. At this point it is almost pointless to explain to you how good this song is, you must go listen to it right now.

This album is so incredibly refreshing. It is possibly the best thrash record I have heard since Vektor’s Terminal Redux, and that was released in 2016. From now on, every new thrash band should look to Demoniac for inspiration for they truly embody the heart and spirit of thrash. I am so excited to see what Demoniac will produce in the future. A band this talented surely has a bright future ahead of it.

Favorite Line: “I don’t want to live this way, I don’t want to feel this pain, I want to live, Not just survive!”

Rating: 10/10. It is perfect in every way, flawless.

Grab Demoniac's So It Goes on Bandcamp, and be sure to tune in for Liturgy with DJ Witchfinder, every Monday from 9-10AM on WUSC.

Noah Miller

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