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Concert Review: Badflower

On Thursday, October 24th, Badflower, Dead Poet Society, and Weathers came to play at The Senate. This was my second time going to The Senate, the first being for the pride afterparty last month. The Senate is a pretty good location, basically just an indoor stage and a bar, but what else do you really need from a concert venue? They were nice enough to allow me to attend for free, so, very much appreciated.

Back to the concert. Dead Poet Society was a nice surprise. I knew only one of their songs beforehand, but after the show I checked out more of their music and have been listening a lot since. They blend blues and heavy rock/metal in a fun, high energy combo that successfully kicked off the show.

Weathers were in a similar spot for me prior to the concert, where I only really knew one song. They are solid indie pop rock/punk. Not my cup of tea, but enjoyable nonetheless.


After the openers, Badflower came on. They brought a big light wall and multiple other lights to layer cool visuals on their performance. I had mixed feelings about Badflower before the show, believing many of their lyrics are kinda lackluster while at the same time like they’re trying too hard to be edgy and deep. I was afraid I’d dislike show despite liking the openers, especially when the lead-up to the band coming on stage was this weird skit about the lead singer having his mom walk in on him while masturbating, and seeing him texting someone about the incident via text on the lightwall. It didn’t fit into the show at all and felt like a gratuitous grab for attention. However, my previous opinions on Badflower have changed slightly after the concert. While I am still convinced certain lyrics in their songs are weird (and not in a good way), the lead singer won me over by loading a lot of emotion into the performance, selling the more negative emotions in the tracks.


Bottom line, it was an enjoyable concert musically and I had a lot of fun. I will still keep up with Badflower and add Dead Poet Society to my radar. I’m sure I’ll hear Weathers again (and be happy about it), and I will definitely be going back to The Senate, a satisfying concert setting.

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